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Maximizing Your Precious Time To Get Things Done


If you are looking to maximize your time then keep reading. The best way to make full use of your time is to prioritize the goals you first need to achieve. Most of the time, we feel that we have too many things to do and too many requirements to fulfill. When we feel overwhelmed, we often just give up and choose to do nothing as an alternative. Instead, we sulk and complain about the load of work we have. Mind you, complaining is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, airing out our feelings can be very healthy. There’s a fine line, however, between constantly complaining and blowing off steam. Yes, we do need to let out our emotions every so often. But when we use this excuse to delay work, then we are simply wasting our precious time.


Remember when your parents told you that you can never turn time back? Growing up, I personally thought that this was such a cliché. Yes, we could never take time back. So what? Big deal! Only when I had responsibilities of my own did I realize what this statement really meant. Finally, I caught on with the wisdom of the adults. Knowing that I had too many things to do with too little time did I come to discover just how precious each moment is. The more time we waste, the more our tasks will pile up. If we keep putting off things for tomorrow, we might end up with responsibilities up to our necks. By then, what do we actually do? There’s this word in Spanish that some people use. The act of putting things off is called the mañana habit. By definition, this Spanish word simply means tomorrow. Having to constantly convince ourselves that we can do things tomorrow is a type of habit that everyone should get rid of.


How exactly do we allot the time for each and every responsibility? How do we achieve everything while still having time for ourselves? Like everything important in our lives, it starts with a list. When we have a list, we are able to see the bigger picture. Then, you need to set your personal and business goals. Below each goal are the steps we must undertake to get to the end.


Once the list is made, put the piece of paper on a wall. Make sure that you constantly glimpse this portion of the wall. Life places so many demands on each of us. When we don’t look at the list, we will definitely forget about it in our attempt to meet each new demand. Oftentimes, we often forget to take care of ourselves. We work ourselves to the bone, until we become exhausted.


It is therefore important to optimize our time simply because we have to take care of ourselves. We need time with our loved ones and we need some place to recuperate from all the stress. The only way to do this is when we know that we don’t leave anything half done. Celebrate life and do it now! This is only possible when we get to grasp the importance of time.